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Tara-Nicole Azarian has been involved in the arts since the age of 4 when she began a career as an actress.
She later wrote and directed Indie films & won 5 Telly Awards for her projects.
In 2016 she went “Pro” as a cosplayer & is known & loved the world over as Tara Cosplay. Over time, Tara’s disabilities have progressed to a point where she needs to use mobility aids (wheelchair / cane).

She has used this change in her personal life, combined with her online following, to become a vocal advocate for the rights of the disabled & the need to change how disabled people are reflected in films, TV, online & in the media in general.

As a third generation practitioner of the magical arts, of Viking descent, she has made jewelry, with her mom, since she was a very small child. It’s always been a way for her to connect with the world around her and put good intentions into the piece she makes.

She has personally experienced the benefits of jewelry made with crystals and good intentions and now wants to share her love of all stuff Magickal with the world.

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