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Store Policies

Updated: May 4, 2021

Basic policies

By purchasing anything from my shop you agree to having read and accept all policies.

Be kind.

All sales are final.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged mail.

Awesome news! We have our professional shipping service in place and NOW ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS!


Shipping Policies

Regarding shipping costs:

we all dislike shipping costs. But paying for shipping that includes tracking is SO MUCH BETTER than a lost package. For your safety and mine, my shipping charges reflect shipping with tracking. Thanks for understanding.

I am a disabled, neurodivergent, female, small business owner. Everything I create is made with genuine love and care. I am not Amazon or Walmart. I ship M-F and orders go out 2-4 business days after purchase, in the order they are received.

We do our best to recycle everything possible so much of our exterior mailing packages / boxes are recycled.

Much of our packaging can be reused or recycled., doing so helps reduce waste and protect our planet.

Magickal Stuff is not responsible or liable for lost, damaged or stolen packages


Misc Policies, info & TOS

I am blessed with a mom who is a professional photographer to take images for my shop! Keep in mind that phone screens / monitors et al vary in their display of color. Shades may be slightly lighter or brighter depending on your device.

Crystals and beads are like people: each is unique. Each is perfectly imperfect. That is part of what makes them (and us) beautiful.

Each item is one of a kind. Photos you see in listing are the exact product you will receive

I am one person. I make everything in my shop. I am disabled and neurodivergent. Stock will fluctuate as I am able to create more some months and less other months depending on my health. I am an artist and a small business.

Thank you for understanding that I am just one person.

Please see care instructions to help keep your magickal items at their best:

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